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Sunny Day. Rainy Day. Everyday.

27 Apr

If you gave each of my daughters seven dresses apiece, they would be happy.  Jeans prompt tears.  They finagle their way out of pants, unless they are leggings under skirts or dresses.  I sorted Ella’s clothes with her last week.  We moved all the clothes that were too small out of the drawers into the queue of boxes for Sophia and, then, Eva.  For the past two clothes switches, I have also been asking if she likes the piece of clothing before it goes into her drawer for the first time.  We have let go of what she tells me she doesn’t like.  This has made getting dressed easier for her.  As her independence continues to grow, she has taken more of an interest in matching her own outfits.  To make getting her dressed easier for her (and me) I wanted her to have a couple skirts she could put on as often as she wanted with as many different shirts as she wanted.   Sunny days. Sunny days she wishes were rainy days so she can use her new umbrella. Rainy days.  Everyday.

The skirt was made from Sugar City’s tutorial with an awesome thrift store find: 4 yards of uncut chambray.   I can make skirts ’til the cows come home.   She said she would like another one, in a different color, just in case this one is still in the laundry.


Princesses go RVing.

5 Jul

The girls have a menagerie of princesses that lately seem to go everywhere with them.  The princesses’ latest expedition was camping in their RV.

Miss Sophie packed them just so.

Making sure everyone had just the right seat.

The driver was in place.

And they were off.

This is the skirt I cut out for Sophia during my KCWC and set aside. The top layer of the skirt was an eyelet I found on sale at Joann’s.  I, then,  cut an identical piece of muslin and hemmed each piece  to the same length.  I attached the two pieces at the top and treated it as one piece of fabric for the rest of the construction.  Sophie has been a little treasure collected lately; I added a simple pocket.  he finds the strangest little artifacts as she moseys about her day.

kcwc spring 2011: day one

10 May

I’m joining in Kids Clothing Week Challenge at elsie marley.

Day one: a tiered skirt for Ella.  I have made several elastic waistband skirts for the girls.  Sophie is wearing the first round of them that I made for the Lady back when she was two. Oh. My.

Dana recently posted a tiered version, and I wanted to add a little pizazz  and a little oomph to the simple skirt; the tiered look seem to do that for my very girly girl.

Perfect for the lazy summer days ahead.  Lounging in the grass.

Reading library books.


{my most favorite shot from yesterday}

Happy Kids Clothing Week to you!  I hope to be back soon with more clothes!

:: My measurements for a size 4::

  • Fabric width: 38”
  • Length of longer layer: 14.5″
  • Length of shorter layer: 11.5″
  • Elastic: 19”
  • Ella’s waist measurement: 19″”
  • Finished length of knee: 13″

Sassy Pants for Buffalo!

10 May

Lady got her skirt for the plane!

I really like this style skirt on her and I wanted her to have a new one to wear to come to see my parents. Here she is sitting outside my parents house, happy as a clam! This skirt was made out of one fat quarter and a part of another. This time, I was able to get clean edges on the inside of the skirt by doing french seams and folding down the edge fabric on the bottom hem.


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